Training & Placement Cell

The Placement Office takes care of placing students in the right kind of job environment. Both national and international companies visit the campus for recruitment. Students have job opportunities in various sectors, including Information Technology, Engineering, Consultancy and R&D.

Technology Leadership
Tpo Cell of Shree USB College, Abu Road is engaged in a wide range of activities. They contribute significantly to the country's growth in science and technology, by making their services available to various national and state level committees. Many faculty members also serve on selection committees, on editorial boards of leading journals as reviewers for publications and on review boards of leading institutions and governmental agencies.

Technology Transfer
An important indicator of industry-relevant research is the growth in the number of technologies which have been commercialized or transferred to user industries. These include the transfer of designs, devices, processes and software developed by the institute's faculty and scientists.

Promotin Entrepreneurship
The institute has designed and developed mechanisms and bodies to help create new enterprises that employ technologies developed by its faculty and students.

Entrepreneurship Cell
The Entrepreneurship Cell at Shree USB College is a student organization which motivates students to bring out their latent spirit of enterprise. It works throughout the year, showing students the opportunities that lie within their grasp and the path they can take to make a difference.

Institute lndustr Interactions
From its inception, Shree USB College Abu Road has benefitted from its location, which is one of the most industry-intensive hubs in the country. The overall external R&D orientation of the institute has been very much promoted by this situation. The institute houses several advanced R&D facilities, including sophisticated state-of-the-art laboratories furnished by industry. Select major industry-sponsored interactions and laboratories in recent years are: