Institute Facilities
A wide variety of research and developmental work is the backbone of any good learning system. At Shree USB College, this is ably supported through appropriate infrastructural and research facilities at Shree USB College.

Instructional Facilities
Shree USB College has a variety of instructional facilities and teaching aids, which are of significance for its students and faculty. Computer classrooms with inspanidual workstations have been provided, and each department has designated independent research space for its research scholars.

Shree USB College has well-equipped laboratories with I state-of-the-art facilities. There are undergraduate teaching laboratories as well as sophisticated research facilities.

The Central Library in Shree USB College is one of the best technical libraries. It hosts an impressive collection of academic resources in the form of books, journals, research papers and electronic journals on a variety of subjects including science, technology, humanities, social sciences and management sciences. It houses a large number of full-text electronic journals, online databases. The web-based library catalogue is accessible from anywhere on the campus' Local Area Network. The library has an online catalogue equipped with a global catalogue search. The library also offers video viewing facilities. It subscribes to various important bibliographic services in the field of science and technology on CD-ROM or through the web.

Computer And Internet Facilities
The computer center provides computational facilities to users in the institute. Accounts are given on the high-end computational server to all faculty members, students and staff. The center also administers the computer network and internet links. The campus-wide fibre optic network provides a high-speed backbone. Connections are provided to all faculty houses and inspanidual rooms in the hostels.

Conference Facilities
Well-equipped air-conditioned seminar rooms, conference halls and lecture theaters facilitate workshops, lectures, conferences, which are regular events on the campus.

The institute also has an in-house hospital with facilities to take care of all general health issues of residents. Apart from the resident doctors, it is also visited by specialists including ENT, surgeons, orthopedists, neurologists, etc. It has well equipped laboratories to conduct all types of medical tests, ultra-sonograms, Xrays etc. and also has in-patient wards, OT and ambulance facilities.

Guest House - Surya Vihar
People visiting the institute of academic guests of the institute, parents of students and alumni reside here during their stay. The only requirement is to book well in advance as the guest houses are almost always full.