Student Life

Sports, Culture and Leisure at the institute (Gymkhana)
Students here do much more than only study. There is ample opportunity to nurture All kinds of talent in students. There are excellent recreational facilities for Sports, including gymnasiums, a swimming pool, courts for tennis, basketball, volleyball, Hockey, football and cricket, athletics tracks and much more. Students are also enthusiastic participants at the Science club, bringing the fun back into science and scientific hobbies.

Intra and Inter-Hostel Activities
The co-curricular activities for students are organised by the student's Gymkhana and are held at the Students Centre (SC). These activities can broadly be classified into cultural and sports. There are inter-hostel athletics, triathlons, football, hockey, basketball, badminton, tennis, table-tennis, volley ball, kho-kho, squash, swimming, chess, carrom and bridge. Competitions in music, drama, literature, debating,

Ganesh Utsav
The festival of Ganesh Chaturathi is celebrated every year in USB group of colleges with full zeal. The celebrations continuous for the entire week and all the students participated with full enthusiasm.

Hostel Life
In many ways, hostel life defines the life of a student on campus. Life at hostels comes with its own traditions, some of them quite unique. The hostel wings are the hubs of activity.

Fresher's Party
To welcome the dear juniors and make them acquainted with the new environment of the college, the seniors organizes fresher party for welcoming the juniors with open arms. Prior to the fresher's party, an interaction session takes place between the seniors and the juniors and they get to know about each other. It is very important aspect in Engineering as the juniors and the seniors need to interact during the entire course and this helps them in bonding with each other.